SCP 327 Time of Placement is a non-VOC, pre-mixed, spray-applied treatment that penetrates into Portland cement concrete substrates at the time of placement.

Within the concrete capillary and pore structure, it reacts with free alkali to seal capillaries and pore spaces.  The reaction chemically completes, leaving a stable gel within the concrete capillary and pore structure, thereby reducing water migration levels to acceptable levels for most coatings, adhesives, and floor coverings.

SCP 327 is a one time spray-on treatment that penetrates, providing permanent waterproofing and protection.  It withstands over 250 feet of Hydrostatic Pressure and can be effectively applied on the positive or negative sides of concrete structures. There is minimum site disruption and provides early access for other trades. 

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® technology is unique with over 30-years proven performance.

• Superior cure as strong as 28-day waterponding without delays

• Waterproofs new concrete

• Eliminates the need to remove curing membranes

• Allows flooring and coating installation in as little as 14 days

• Enhances resistance to chemical and environmental attack

• Permanent protection

• Reduces shrinkage cracking and slab curling

• Access slab in as little as 1 hour

• Minimizes scaling and spalling 

• Increases durability

• Preserves matrix integrity

• Saves time and money

• Non-flammable

• Zero VOC

• Safe and easy to apply